Motion Empowered is the foundation for any physcial activity...be it weight loss, muscle building or hi-performance sport. It's the critical first step that reduces injury while amplifying impact. Make any workout routine or physical activity into a more effective and empowered movement.
The ME System
Find out more about how and why the system works, what current users are saying, and learn a bit more about how the system was developed.
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Who Benefits?
The ME System is flexible and progressive, so regardless of your current condition, the system will grow with your workout!

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Get Started!
Find out what tools you'll need and download the iPad app!

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Effective, economical and travel ready!

The big ball is a key tool to focus workouts on the core.

When you're ready to add intensity check out our range of weights.

ME and Arm Bands

Using arm bands is another good way to get a good workout using your own body strength and flexibility.  These thin, long fitness bands are good for exercising at home,

Declutter Your Exercise Program!

Sometimes we make things harder and more complicated than they need to be.  If you’re feeling that your exercise and fitness activities have become a burden, demanding too much time

Sliding into Fitness

You can use slides to enhance your workout, but be sure to start out slowly and carefully to avoid injuries. Using slides allows for smooth movement in all sorts of exercises,

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